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4 October 2015


Sizes: .25 cu.ft./cell – 600 cu.ft./cell (open flow)
Sizes: 25 cu.ft./cell – 300 cu.ft./cell (cell-to-cell)
Mild steel construction
CRS shaft
Urethane wearing parts
Cast spindle bearing housings
Machined standpipes
Abrasion-resistant steel liners
V-belt drive
OSHA-type drive guard
HSS superstructure


Stainless steel construction
Urethane or rubber-lined
Automatic level control
Froth paddle assemblies
Feed/discharge/transition boxes
Support stands

18 SP Flotation Cell 100 cu. ft. Cells on truck 100 cu.ft. Cells D100 Lab Cell DR180 open flow mechanism DR180 Tanks

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  1. Tariq Khan says:

    Can you quote us for a 200 tpd copper flotation plant. We already have some quotes from Chinese manufacturers.

    Best regards,

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